Monday, August 12, 2013

Wolfeboro, NH

Jeff and I spent a couple of days visiting my sister Anita in Wolfeboro, NH on Lake Winnipesaukee. Wolfeboro claims to be the oldest resort in America.

 Downtown is filled with shops and galleries. There are town docks so you can even arrive by boat. We have been very lucky with weather. The day I wandered around town, was the only day of rain so far.

Since my brother-in-law's passing this spring, my sister has moved to an apartment. I am sure she will miss the big colonial on Main St., but her new place has a beach and dock on Mirror Lake, and across the street is Winnipesaukee. I think she will be very happy there... I know we enjoyed our stay!

Jeff talked us into a family photo... minus our two brothers. My parents are 86 years old. I was glad to be able to spend a couple of days visiting with them. I am fortunate to still have both of them in my life.

Later in the day we packed the car (again) and headed to Connecticut for more fun with my girl.


  1. AND Wolfeboro has a cute little LNHC shop still, yes? I remember selling there :) Thanks for the pretty photos!

  2. I just remembered, they had my work in their window about 9-10 years ago and a car drove through the store window and smashed my work! Insurance paid :)

  3. What a nice photo of you and your family, it makes for such special times doesn't it. Wolfeboro is lovely, as is most of NH! Enjoy your time there and with your daughter!

  4. hey Gary - the league shopped moved it's location to Main St. a couple of years ago, and last year it seceded from the league. It's now called Artisan's Corner.


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