Friday, August 30, 2013


Our inventory of mugs is at an all time low. I spent the first part of this week remedying that situation. I really like making mugs. They employ all the fun parts of pottery; throwing, pulling handles, and for me, carving designs.

 Jeff took this photo of me working the other night. It gave me a good look at my new hair! I spent the last year growing out my hair color... what an awful thing to go through when your hair is long! I have slowly been having 3-4" cut off at a time to eliminate the two-tone look. Once the color was finally gone, I was left with mousy brown and gray hair. My niece Kayla is a hairstylist. While I was in NH she cut in some more layers and gave me just a few highlight to perk it up. They are subtle, and I won't have to be a slave to them.

Now back to pottery...

The mugs are done. I think I made 28. Now I am on to bowls and platters. The weather has been muggy (no pun intended!), hopefully I can dry them enough to do some trimming today.


  1. Easy to see why you are low on these.

  2. Your carving work is beautiful ~
    The hair looks good :)

  3. BTW- your hair looks great. i could not figure out what was different the other night. Now that I know- you are rocking the look.
    Mugs- never enough of them.

  4. I'm a big fan of highlights, once I had my hair dyed an auburn color when it was shoulder length and it took forever to grow it out.

  5. lovely mugs. Being low on something is a good sign....means $$ in the bank!!

  6. Lovely mugs, and delightful to find someone who enjoys making them! Mmmm, hair... being rather lacking in that department I am envious! :) I often wear a hat these days, I guess that makes chosing colours less of a problem!


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