Monday, September 23, 2013

and where do I begin...

I guess this story starts on Friday...
We left for Charlotte mid-morning, arriving in plenty of time to set up our booth and be ready for the opening of the Festival in the Park at 4:00 pm. Friday night sales were slow and we weren't surprised, it was the same last year. Saturday brought overcast skies in the morning, drizzle mid-day, and steady rain by 7:00pm. The show closed an hour early and we were at Mac's Speed Shop enjoying barbecue and beer by 9:00pm. We weren't too disheartened, last year Sunday was our best day. Sunday we awoke to blues skies and perfect temps. After draining the water off of our tent roof, emptying out the pots that filled with water, and hanging our wet shopping bags out to dry, we were open for business. The festival was packed with people, but not our people! When all was said and done, we covered our booth fee and expenses, and made a little money... but not the kind of money for the amount of work and time put into this show.
We won't be going back next year.

We got back to Seagrove around midnight. I was driving, towing the trailer behind us. Jeff said "Pull into the driveway as close to the big wood fired pot... that's not there".

Yep, that's right. The pot was gone.

This one right here:

By midday we found out that Johnston and Gentithes, down the road from us, also had one of Fred Johnston's big pots stolen from the front of their gallery. These are pots valued at 1000 plus dollars each. We both reported the thefts. The pots will probably turn up at a flea market or consignment shop somewhere. I hope the thief is stupid enough to try to fence them locally. We have posted the photo on our FB pages, hoping that someone will recognize the pot if it turns up somewhere.
Jeff and I are keeping our spirits up and trying to find the humor in our not so fortunate weekend.
Sometimes all you can do is laugh.
And then go back to the studio and make more pots.


  1. OMG! That just sucks! Really hope it turns up and the thief is caught! Man there are times you do have to laugh and I hope you guys get the last laugh!

  2. how rude and horrible about the stealing! I'm a bit surprised about your experience festival in the park. when i lived in CLT 3 years ago, I went every year and there were too many people! I wonder if folks have avoided it because of the crowds. what a bummer, regardless.

  3. Amy, it was PACKED with people but they weren't spending money at our booth. We couldn't compete with the prices of other potters. People tried to haggle on price and I overheard someone say, "they are over priced, let's go".
    BUT, I will say the people who did buy had lots of nice comments about the quality of our work.

  4. It has been a few years since there were large pots taken from shops.
    Last time they showed up at a place in Biscoe of all places.
    Some were recovered, others not.
    I think we have all had something walk now and again.
    With us it's signs as well.
    Good luck, it might show up.

  5. bummer to have the pots taken I hope they turn up. and the haggling on the price I have always hated that part at the shows and have struggled in my mind of what to say to folks who attempt that. folks would never think of haggling at doctors, mechanics or grocery stores but for handmade goods they some seem to expect to haggle.

  6. When someone starts selling $10 mugs at a show everyone suffers. No matter how bad the quality it sets a price point that people expect the better work to match. Haggling for art burns me up ! Sometimes I will sweeten a deal a little to close a sale but I really feel insulted when someone offers me half the sticker price of an already too cheap pot.

  7. Well, that just plain sucks all around. Sorry you had a rough's disheartening to work so hard for a show and not have it turn out well. And my sympathies about your beautiful outdoor pot-hopefully it will turn up.

  8. Dennis, I too have "sweetened" a deal to close a sale, and it's usually when they are on the fence about spending a couple hundred bucks.

  9. ugh, the pottery business! Takes a strong backbone doesn't it? After ten years of haggling and rain and theft I am just wore out from it all. Good for you for looking for the bright side, it's all you can do... at least you have your beautiful shop to sell out of most days!

  10. What a sad heart is with you...especially over the stolen pot.

  11. I am so sorry about your pot being stolen and after a disappointing show. Glad you can keep your chin up about it.
    I've stopped doing shows that attract a bunch of hagglers. I work too hard to be insulted like that. So do you.

  12. I did Festival in the Park for 2 years and was very disappointed in sales and it always rained. I actually wondered if I gave it up too soon but you reinforced my opinion. Hope the CCM show is good for you (& me) By the way, got your note about Facebook ads and plans are being made.

  13. it is funny, somebody who is buying a box full of pots I always feel kindly and give them a wee freebie or deal, but it sure does piss me off when people try to haggle....and the stolen pot? GAWD! I have a bunch out front of my place, nice pieces but with the dust of a few years on them and was thinking today about theft....SH! wishes to you both


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