Friday, September 27, 2013


I don't usually use that term, since my work week doesn't revolve around the Monday through Friday grind, but this sure has been a tough week. As if the big pot theft and crappy show weren't enough, I woke up on Tuesday morning with a very sore left shoulder. This in of itself is not unusual. It has bothered me off and on for many years. I had some testing done some years back, to eliminate a pinched nerve as the cause. The doc determined it was just a overuse. Tuesday it felt like someone had punched me in the arm, Wednesday I could hardly lift it without yelping. Thursday I spent the day trying to get comfortable in between icing it and taking Aleve. I can't even lift my arm to brush my hair or put on a shirt. This morning doesn't seem much better. I really need to be making pots right now, but they are going to have to wait. I am hoping it's tendonitis of my rotator cuff and not a tear. I will give it the weekend and if it isn't better go to the doctors. I am pretty sure hanging and taking down the sidewalls on the tent last weekend are what did me in.

My good arm has been able to help my bad arm take some new photos for etsy...

Salt Pigs or Sugar Jars, you decide.

Here is one of the carved rim bowls that came out of the kiln last Thursday. I decided to go all green.
I almost forgot to mention that yesterday we woke up to a gurgling hot water heater with a puddle under it, geesh, what more could go wrong! Thankfully the plumber was here in the afternoon and by 3:00pm we had hot water.
Have a great weekend, I know I am going to try to!


  1. I share the shoulder issues.Working overhead sucks anymore.I can sympathize but not offer much help. You have a way with swine and the green all over bowl looks nice and cost effective v/s multiple glazes and resist.

  2. good work. Hope the pain eases!

  3. Michelle,
    I have had the same issue (left shoulder, more toward the back). I couldn't lift my arm either. :( Excruciating. I went to a Rolfer for the first time and it was amazing. Immediately after the 1/2 hour session I was able to lift my arm again. He gave me some additional exercises to help avoid future incidents and I saw him a few more times, but I would really recommend finding a GOOD Rolfer!

    Good luck!

  4. Gary had a torn rotator cuff and opted out of surgery because where we lived in California the hospital was the pitts plus he couldn't afford to take off work, he wore an arm sling and pampered it for quite some time, now it's almost completely back to new. hope your's heals quickly

  5. Sending you virtual healing whatever form you'd prefer. Like a plumber for water heaters, imagine a little shoulder massager, pain reliever, fix the inner place where it is damaged, and be well water again, or shoulder works when and how it should. Puff! (That was the magic wand).

  6. Great pigs, and I really like that carved rim bowl! Hope your shoulder is feeling better soon! Have a restful weekend....

  7. Sounds like that shoulder needs a little rest. Hope that's all it is. Sending some healing thoughts!

  8. Thank you ALL for the healing wishes and suggestions!!! The last two days were hell. I have never had such excruciating pain before. Aleve barely knocked the pain down a level.
    I am happy to say that after a rough night - I didn't get to sleep until nearly 3am, I woke up at 9:30 am, past the time I needed to take meds, and felt quite a bit better.
    I truly believe the good energy you sent is helping my recovery.

  9. I have had the same pain for about two years now.... Bursitis.? That is sort of what I have narrowed it down to. I thought it was from pottery overuse, but I haven't touched clay in months and I still have the pain, some days more than others. Can't brush my hair a lot of days.... Ugh, age!
    Changing weather seems to make it worse, maybe these cooler days are to blame, feel better, I feel ya!


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