Wednesday, October 23, 2013

fall travels

This sweet little teapot came out of the kiln yesterday. Jeff made the pot and I did the carving. It is a commission for my sister who is giving it as a wedding gift. There are also two cups to go along with it. I like how the ash glaze works with the carving and the best part is that there is no slip involved, so no risk of the dastardly peeling thing that has been going on.
Today we are heading to New Hampshire for our annual October trek. On Friday we will teach a raku workshop at Hillsboro-Deering High School and then it's off to my sister Anita's in Wolfeboro, where Jeff will teach another raku workshop on Sunday. Danielle will drive up from Connecticut on Saturday, to join us all for a family dinner. Anita and I share a birthday, four years apart, so it's a tradition that we celebrate together. I am glad that my move to North Carolina hasn't changed that. The workshop gigs are what makes the traveling possible.
Catch up with y'all later... it's time to pack my suitcase.


  1. What a charmer! A teapot and cups is a perfect wedding present and will carry memories through the year.

  2. P.S. Toes crossed for good weather this year!

  3. That is a sweet tea pot, the recipient should love it.

    It sounds like you have a nice trip planed, I hope it goes well. My brother and I also share a birthday 4 years apart. It's terrific that you two can celebrate yours together. Have a happy.

  4. DANG that teapot is sweet :) you know we lived in H.boro nearly forever and I had met the art teacher a couple of times, wonder if it is the same one....

  5. Hey Gary, I think there are two art teachers. The one we work with is Lynn Paolino (sp?) She is awesome. She has been able to find funding for her kids to do this raku workshop for 5+ years. So many teachers say there is no money for extras, but sometimes they have to look for it in the way of grants etc... and as you know, Hillsoboro is a small school and they don't have a ton of money.


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