Wednesday, October 16, 2013

blogger brain freeze

I have had nothing to blog about these days. I guess I haven't wanted to bore you with the mundane. The CCM Pottery Festival in Charlotte was good... easy set up, short day (10am-4pm), and fabulous customers who love to buy pottery. When you figure in the time and dollars we put into this show we make more money per hour than any other show we do. This show also attracts a smart crowd that understands art and handmade. We sold lots of sponge holders and coasters (as usual) and things in the $50 to $95 range were selling as well.

The sponge holders are about gone and the good thing is, I can throw those forms without putting too much stress on my shoulder. They are a good exercise in getting back to work!

I think I have the warping issue pretty much solved. They need to be thrown fairly hefty. A few still warp slightly, but not enough to be called a second or get the hammer.

I am having some issues with peeling slip on these flared rim bowls. The slip peeled off the rim on a few of these. I have two thoughts on the issue. The first is that I should keep the slip off of the edge of the rim and second, I am at the bottom of my slip bucket and I think it's beyond it's shelf life. I have heard other potters say that slip doesn't keep. The last batch I made was large so it's been around a few months. I also had a couple of vases with some slip that popped off the sides. It's time to mix a new batch and I think I will make half as much. If anyone else has had this experience, I would be happy to hear your thoughts.


  1. I don't think the sponges care about a little warping nor anyone else since it prevents the sourness, so glad the show was good for you both.

  2. Linda that is exactly what Jeff tells me! He said I was being too picky for a low priced item.

  3. Glad the Charlotte show went well.

  4. Isn't it the best when you get knowledgable buyers and friends and fun. Glad all went well!

    I understand brain freeze....we all go through it, don't we? Nice to see you back.

    I haven't written anything in over a week. I got too involved in doc appointments, family, yard work....nothing I wanted to talk about.

  5. Interesting about slip not keeping, it is something that I had not thought of. I wonder what changes as slip gets old? Is your slip a simple mix of china clay and ball clay, or do you have a more complicated engobe type thing going on?

  6. Peter, I always poo-pooed the idea of needing fresh slip but now I am questioning my thought since having this issue come up. This is the recipe that I use:
    EPK 25.00
    OM4 Ball Clay 25.00
    Feldspar G200 20.00
    Flint/Silica 25.00
    Zircopac 5.00

  7. I understand blogger brain freeze. I often wonder how many times people will want to see a set of pots I made. You'd be surprised what interests others even when we think they won't be interested.

    Your slip recipe does not seem like it would go bad, however, if something has contaminated it you might have the peeling issue and an older, well used bucket of slip has had ample opportunity for some thing to find it's way in. Making a new and smaller batch is smart. Let us know how it works.

  8. the bowls are worth persevering with, whatever the problems. They are lovely.
    Life and internet accessibility (or rather lack at times) takes us away from blogger- but it is a group of friends that it is good to visit when we can.
    Hey, how're you doing we say...and then we roll on blogging again!

  9. Hey there Meesh! My brain is frozen too ;) But I'm around, here and there!

    Glad the show went well~ sorry to hear about your shoulder...

  10. bowls look GREAT to me, that is all I can add :)

  11. I've had some peeling slip. Someone suggested I add up to 5% borax. Being soluble, the borax penetrates into the clay body and helps bind. I'm getting ready to test a new batch of slip with the added borax.

  12. thanks for the input Michael, but sorry that you have had issues too. Are your issues new? I had occasional blow outs before but the last couple of firings there were too many. Keep me posted on your findings with the addition of borax.


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