Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Art Journal Project

The art journal project has gotten a little off track. It started the first month when one of the journals was lost in the mail. Luckily the USPS pulled through, and it was returned to it's owner. Somehow a few of the other journals have been mixed up, I think that Lori Buff received two this month! For some strange reason I wasn't my usual last minute getting it done. If I had, it would still be sitting on my art table, since my shoulder decided to call it quits last week.

I snapped a few photos of the book before it went off in the mail. The theme is "Nature's Song".

 Lori, is this yours? It wasn't signed.

 This my entry. When we first moved to Seagrove we had an anole climbing up the plated glass window in front of Jeff's wheel. He looked cool stuck to the glass that was splattered with clay.

Linda Fletcher, the owner of this journal, also included an additional project at the back of her book; Artist Trading Cards. She invited us to create a card based on our journal theme and take one of hers that was based on "Songs of Nature".

Shoulder update:
I am doing much better! No more constant pain and slowly gaining more range of motion. I even went back to work on Tuesday, putting together some piggy banks. I am taking it slow... it took me two days to assemble eleven. I doubt I will even attempt the wheel for at least another week.
Thank you all once again for sending me good healing energy and sound advice.


  1. Oo... what's the Art Journal Project? I don't remember seeing a post about it before, but it looks fun. :)

  2. Becky - the art journal project is 12 people from around the country that create a journal with a theme. Each month you create a page or two of art work based on the theme of the journal you have received. When you have completed your artwork, you mail it to the next person on the list. At the end of the 12 months you receive your journal with 12 art entries.
    It's a great way to exercise your creativity!

  3. how did I miss that, the art journal? NICE! Too bad about your shoulder indeed, sheesh! We are like surgeons, trying to take care of our hands and backs and all, maybe not paid quite as much though :)


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