Thursday, November 7, 2013

food that warms the body, heart, and soul...

casserole on left by John Zentner, plate by Kari Therrien, small casserole by Kate Johnston

When fall arrives I am always happy to take out that old favorite sweater to snuggle into and I am also excited to spend time with my favorite handmade casserole dishes and make some warm, hearty dinners. This week I was in the mood for macaroni and cheese. My favorite recipe is a four cheese recipe from Emeril Lagasse, you can find the recipe here. This week I modified it slightly to make it more affordable. This isn't an inexpensive dish to make. I substituted muenster for the fontina and used a little less parmesan. Jeff likes ham in his mac & cheese so I included it this time. It was the ultimate comfort food!

I have a few casseroles of different sizes and this one is my absolute favorite. JZ made it the last year he was able to work and it's the perfect size, 2 quarts. The cover fits perfectly and the interior is glazed with tenmoku, a good durable surface that is easy to clean. Do you have a favorite recipe that warms your body, heart, and soul? If you do, I hope that handmade pottery adds to the enjoyment.


  1. That Kate Johnson piece is really nice.

  2. I love a good mac and cheese and found that it is now one of the offerings in many places to eat. We had some killer good stuff as a side at one of our favorite places to eat the other day.

  3. Soups and casseroles warm the heart and the kitchen as we get into cooler weather. And yes, their is something magical about dinning with pots that were made by hand.


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