Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the last show of the year

and I am so glad it's over! I have to say that this was our easiest indoor booth set up. We only brought two corner walls and used our EZ frame to secure them and hang the lights.

We have done each of the three booth sizes that have been offered at this show and we have always made the same amount of money after expenses. Last year we decided the 10'x10' booth was easier to set up so why go big if you are not going to make more money?

This year was a little more profitable than last, and the bonus was that Jeff stayed home and kept the gallery open and we had good sales there as well. Last year I stayed home and I only saw a handful of people. We sold a lot of piggy banks, a few big pots, and LOTs of sponge holders and coasters. The funny thing is, we didn't sell a single mug! I wasn't surprised. This is not a juried show and we are competing with mugs that sell for eight bucks. The $25-$35 dollar mug buyers are few and far between at this show.

Now our focus will turn to Etsy. Holiday orders are coming in early this year and we already have a lot of pots to ship out this week. I have a feeling the holiday season will be good for us. I hope that it's good for you too!


  1. Setup looks great and so do the pots. Hope you have very little packing up to do after the show!

  2. Thanks for sharing.I know there a lot of people in the show that try to make the lowest price point they can and their quality shows.With a lot of buyers, quality doesn't trump price as strongly as it should.

  3. glad you had a good sale and interesting to know that a booth size didn't make a difference.

  4. looks good!
    Best of luck on Etsy, must get mine back up and running

  5. Linda, some shows booth size/placement does matter. It often pays in a big show to pay extra for a corner booth. In this show the placement is by lottery and they have now limited booths to 10x15 and 10x20.

  6. Hope you were happy with sales. This was my best show ever, of all the ones I do. I did have a good placement, and it sure seemed like lots of people out and about on Sat. Let's hope it keeps up all month!


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