Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turkey and Pork

Jeff and I continued our double Thanksgiving dinner tradition this year. On the big day we had dinner with Jeff's family in Rockingham, NC and on Saturday we cooked a turkey here in Seagrove. I grew up with stuffing inside the turkey, I don't quite get this dressing in a pan cut into squares. It's just not as flavorful (or as moist) as stuffing cooked in the bird. Once a year I get out this rather ugly platter that belonged to my great-grandmother. The platter sounds really punky, I don't know if it will survive to be handed down to Danielle.

I have been photographing work to add lots of new pots and piggy banks to the Etsy shop.

 I listed this wood fired pig last night and he has already booked a flight to London and is leaving tomorrow. The pigs are world travelers!

 Jeff did these blue and white pigs, the ears are modeled after the piggy banks he made earlier in his career.

I love how this one came out, check out his cool looking pork butt...

Happy Sunday everybody!


  1. Such excellent pigs, and turkey. Glad that we don't save our dimes in turkeys, aren't you?

  2. I'm just going to say it, I love the blue pigs, haha!
    Here's to having Thanksgiving the way we want it, even if it means doing it twice!
    Oh, I do the dressing in squares thing, I don't get stuffing it in a bird, :-)

  3. Another brilliant use of the wiggle wire. These guys are too cute.

  4. Love those piggies! Good looking turkey too. I also like the stuffing in the bird. It's a good marriage of flavors. Our son did two deep fried turkeys this year and they were very tasty but I guess I prefer the traditional stuffed turkey. Plus, when the turkey is cooking in a pot of oil outside, you don't get all of those wonderful roasting turkey aromas through the house.

  5. I can almost smell and taste that turkey through the computer screen, yummy.

  6. southern cooking: I know! its like they come from some different planet--I remember my first southerners being amazed i would have pumpkin pie and what they had was sweet potato pie.... plus everything is pretty much breaded and deep fried ;)


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