Friday, December 27, 2013

December Art Journal

The journal theme that I am working on this month is autumn colors. I believe that fall gives us the most beautiful sunsets. Since we typically close our gallery at sunset, I rarely miss seeing them.

For this journal I have been working on a series of watercolor sunsets with pen and ink trees. Pen and ink was my favorite medium in high school, since our ceramics department was extremely limited. I prefer to work with an old fashioned ink pen and nib with India ink. I have used, and still own, an Osmiroid cartridge pen, but find they don't work well for me. I blame it on left handedness, but perhaps that's my own excuse! I am waaay out of practice, but this has been a fun art journal to work on. I'll take photos of the various artist's fall inspired artwork when I have completed my contribution.

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week! Christmas really kicked my ass, but now I have taken a short break and I am ready for an exciting 2014.


  1. Welcome back to blogland. I think your pen/ink/watercolors are gorgeous and inspiring. I'm a tree artist, and just love them.

  2. years ago I did India ink drawings and hope to get back to them some day, I love your combination of the water color and ink, just beautiful.

  3. Pretty! I used to do a lot of pen and ink drawings in high school. Maybe one of these days I'll dig out my pen and nib, still have mine too.


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