Sunday, December 29, 2013

Runaway Orb

I started a large orb before Christmas, wrapped it up and sort of forgot about it. It was still in good shape, perfect for applying slip and carving into.

I drew my design Friday afternoon and carved everything except the background. I left it on my banding wheel and went into the house for a few minutes.

When I returned it was gone! It had rolled off the banding wheel onto the floor, and then over to one of the wheels a few feet away.  I was so mad at myself for leaving it there. The orb was flat on one side and had a few cracks. Never mind the dirt and dust it picked up on it's roll. At Jeff's suggestion, I smoothed the cracks and paddled it back into shape. I had to go over some of the carving, but I did manage to save it.

Jeff went right to work and cut me a piece of foam with a hole in the center. Now my orbs have a safe resting place when my back is turned. 

Prior to the orb catastrophe, I took out some porcelain and threw a few shallow bowls of the hump. I don't usually throw that (I never was very good at it) but decided to give it another try. I was pretty happy with these. I am probable going to glaze them in my Temple White. The one with the stamps will get some black underglaze.

It felt good to be in the studio making exactly what I wanted to make and not something that someone ordered and has to be completed by certain date... that's what I will be back to soon enough.


  1. I am laughing out loud at your runaway mermaid orb! Poor you, and you are so lucky that it was salvageable. Lovely bowls off the hump too!

  2. Hehehehe.... The one that got away, eh?

  3. Funny. Like a meatball rolling off the table and out of the door. :-)

  4. so glad you could save it, that's a beauty


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