Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Feet!

New Dansko Mary Janes!!!!

I love shoes. Unfortunately I also suffer from plantar fasciitis. It comes and goes, but about three years ago the pain came and stayed. This summer I decided I needed to wear good sneakers everyday. I also wore them to shows, which really bugged me because I like to try to look a little stylish while selling. Since being diligent about wearing good shoes my feet are 98% better.  They will only tolerate flip-flops on the short term, which is sad because I love them.
Everyone I know swears by Dansko shoes for plantar fasciitis. Good shoes also come with an expensive price tag, so I was super excited to find this very cute pair online at half price. That is the beauty of having big feet, when things go on clearance, my size is often still available!

I am happy that spring comes early in North Carolina and it won't be long before I can wear them.


  1. I have this as well and found that there is something about wearing good support shoes that really helps. I try to stay the heck away from the flops now except when I am in the house.
    These are cute....

  2. These are soooooo pretty and cheerful. You should be wearing them in no time, given where you live!

    I found some nice rubber/neoprene and pricey thongs last summer. I bought one pair because I needed something for going outside when the grass was still wet and ended up wearing them most of the time. I bought the second pair on sale at the end of the season. I may indulge in a third pair this summer!
    Do you have a preference for studio shoes?

  3. Suzie, I have been wearing running shoes in the studio. The only thing I don't like is that I can't just slip them off if I have to run in the house for something. I am seriously thinking of getting a pair of leather Danskos to wear in the studio.
    Jeff likes Merrill Jungle mocs for the studio.

  4. Looks like spring has sprung right there on your feet! Cute!
    I hate wearing shoes, I grew up on the beach and went barefoot everywhere, the soles of my feet are like leather. My grandmother used to fuss at me all the time in the winter because I ran around barefoot.
    They gotta be comfy shoes to get my feet in them!

  5. I'll have to tell Janet, she'll be ecstatic, thanks.

    I always wear sturdy, comfortable shoes in the booth. Nobody looks stylish while grimacing in pain.

  6. And I'm sure you already have heard of the other option, which my son took, of buying pricey inserts so you can keep wearing regular shoes. He's very happy with his, from a sporting goods store. But those florals are gorgeous!


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