Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pottery, Food, Friends, Fun!

I am getting ready for a long overdue raku firing. My friend Bonnie came today and she worked on some beads and pendants for the firing, while I threw some new bead racks on the wheel, along with a plate to hold flat pendants during the firing. The best thing about having friends in the studio is taking a lunch break together!

 Bonnie brought a nice bottle of red wine and I whipped up some Korean pancakes served with a side of kimchi. What's a Korean meal without kimchi?

Aside from pottery lessons, Jeff also gives lessons on how to use chopsticks. We had lots of fun, and only one of us resorted to a fork. But I'm not telling who.

The holidays are over and the photo booth is back on the dining room table. I will be adding new pots to the Etsy shop over the next few days, be sure to check it out.


  1. holy CATS that looks yummy and I need to find a recipe for Korean pancakes, gf and veg :) (which I am guessing will be very easy and take 3 seconds!)

  2. GAWWDAMN that looks good, thanks, wicked easy yummy

  3. I need to do a raku firing too. It's been too long. I hope you have fun with yours and get some beautiful pots.

    Do you make your own Kimchi?

  4. Gary - we use a Korean pancake mix, just add water. I do believe it's buckwheat flour. I am sure the rice flour would work. I couldn't open your NY Times link because I have read too many of their online articles this month and they have shut me off. :-(

    Lori - Jeff has made a small amount of kimchi in the past. We buy it by the jar at an international market in Greensboro that is Korean owned. It's very good and they make it themselves.

  5. I would love to know what your bead racks are like. I make beads partially to fill empty spaces in the kiln, partially to, well, make beads. I'd love to adopt a better firing technique since currently I avoid glazing all sides in order to keep them from sticking to my shelves.

    Thanks for all the great posts; I find reading your blog quite inspiring!

  6. wonderful looking meal and I too would like to see your bead rack in action


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