Sunday, January 5, 2014

Here comes the bride...

My good friend Bonnie's daughter was married in June of 2012. They had a small ceremony in New York and didn't have a wedding reception until this year. This wedding plate commemorating their special day, came out of our last firing of 2013... in the nick of time for Bonnie to give it to them for Christmas!

I knew I was making it way back in the summer. I am such a procrastinator. Something I should work harder on overcoming this year.

In the past I would stamp the letters and let the glaze pool into to the recesses. The problem with that technique is that if the glaze was too thick the lettering was obliterated. I have now switched to applying black velvet underglaze to the lettering. I am much happier with how it stands out. Next on the list is personalized piggy banks!


  1. Beautiful! I always wondered how to get round that problem...I tried iron oxide in lettering on a batch of mugs...complete fail! dark blue slip/pigment worked ok-could be you have the answer!!

  2. I am sure they will treasure it forever, it's beautiful!

  3. holy CATS those leaves = AMAZING and extraordinary

  4. Very pretty, I'm sure they will love it.

    Sometimes you have to make a piece like this when the mood is just right. I'm not sure if it's procrastination or mental and emotional preparedness.

  5. Nice work.
    Question, do you have a roku?

  6. Meredith, yes we have a roku. It's one of the older versions from 4 years ago.


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