Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow? Is it for real this time?

No, this isn't a picture of our yard in North Carolina! I pulled this photo from the archives... it was the first New Hampshire snow on December 9, 2009. Here in the south everyone is excited that we may have a dusting to 3" of snow today. Yesterday the road crews pre-treated the Pottery Highway in anticipation of this storm. I thought they did it a little early but evidently they can treat the road up to 48 hours before the snow and ice start to accumulate. We don't have to be anywhere today but right here in the studio making pots, so bring it on (and then melt it away quickly).

Speaking of the studio. I am working on an order for a set of piggy canisters. The largest will hold about two quarts and the smallest is about 18oz.

It was a little tricky getting the feet just right to stabilize the larger jars. Jeff threw the bodies and I am doing the assembling. We made two of each size, because you all know how special orders like to go awry. I also know that if they all are perfect (fingers and toes crossed) the extras will be an easy sell.

Piggy banks and piggy jars is what I have been making for a week now. Last night I dreamed about them. I will be glad when they are done and I can move on to something else.

Better late than never, but you can also view this and other ceramic blog posts on Sunday Ceramics


  1. The "orders awry" made me nod in sympathy I had an order for ten slab formed bowls, with text and decoration and I ended making 30 of the rotten things , I still avert my eyes when I see the remnants floating about in my studio. Thanks for joining in. cheers Kim

  2. The snow has begun! I hope we do get 3". Cute piggies!

  3. I know many potters who refuse commissions for that awryness


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