Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shino & Tea Bowls Workshop

Jeff taught a personalized workshop here at the studio this weekend. Two potters, Ray and Randy from Maryland, came for the weekend to explore firing shino glazes in the gas kiln and the making of tea bowls. Friday was spent glazing pots and experimenting with two shino glazes, layering the glazes, and working with wax resist. The kiln was loaded and door bricked by noon. While the kiln fired there was tea bowl demonstrations and hands on making. The kiln reached cone 10 by around midnight. In between the work we enjoyed good food, tea, sake, and wine!

Ray and Randy toured Seagrove on Saturday and then returned to our studio for an afternoon of trimming tea bowls. This morning we unloaded kiln and were very happy with the results...

Lots of juicy carbon trapping! Randy had some great looking mugs. I can see a face in this one, actually there were multiple faces...

This tea bowl of Ray's got lots of good carbon trap...

Jeff glazed this bowl that Robert Young made while he was working here this summer. I think it's awesome and we are going to ship it to him to enjoy...

The cool thing about giving workshops is that it expands your horizons as well as the participants. After seeing the results, I am excited to give some of these other shino techniques a try.

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  1. What a great workshop; that bowl looks wonderful, Robert is going to love it.

  2. Beautiful pots! I can see how the workshops would be great for sharing ideas.

  3. The pots loot great, very nice work with the shinos. And what a great opportunity to work privately with you all.


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