Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wanted: More hours in the day and some extra hands

 It looks like we are not going to have any down time this winter. I am not complaining, I am actually very thankful. Our kiln has been fired twice this month and many of the pots were already spoken for.
I had an order for ginkgo leaf dinner plates and while I was making them I also made this platter/dip combination. I was really happy with it and glad that I took a photo because the couple that ordered the plates bought this as well. I really need to make them on a regular basis. They sell well but I just don't seem to get many made. I don't even know what my excuse is.

In other news, we have a new studio mate this winter...

He really likes basking in the warmth of our under cabinet lighting. He's a cutie, I just wish we could teach him to pug clay or clean up around here. We could use an extra hand.


  1. beautiful chip and dip set, is it snowing there ?

  2. Thanks Linda!
    Yes, it's been snowing here. We had a dusting right now and it's slowing down. I guess the real storm will hit us tomorrow.

  3. Good plan on the chip/dip. I really think they are awkward 364 days a year when they are one piece.

  4. The platter and dip set is beautiful, I can see why they sell well. I love the incised ginkgo leaf decoration. Nice that you have company in the studio. The wee fellow has lovely hands, I wonder if he would make dolls house size porcelain cups and plates!!

  5. Dennis, I agree about the stuck together sets. Hard to wash and store. At least if they are separate you have bowl and platter that can be used individually.

    Peter, I am going to talk to that anole about making minis!

  6. Beautiful work, and the anole just needs to be taught, for whichever tasks he is most interested/suited.


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