Sunday, March 30, 2014

Glazing on a Sunday afternoon...

I was sort of lazy today. Slept in, then didn't get motivated to get into the studio until late in the day. I did finish all of my glazing (finally) and I should be happy with that accomplishment. 

 It seems like every year that goes by I make glazing a more complicated affair. The mugs above are carbon trap shino with wax resist designs. That process goes pretty quickly. Below are the platters for the cheese/dip/veggie/cracker platters and they involve a dip in shino, then washing off the interior. Next comes waxing the rim of the plate and glazing the center with gloss green. The bowls that go with the platters get the same process. Actually, all my ginkgo leaf design pieces get the same treatment.

The porcelain plates and platters have black velvet underglaze brushed into the stamps and then the excess wiped away with a sponge. That's the time consuming part. Thankfully they get dipped into a single glaze. I also had about 20 mugs that were stamped and glazed with this technique.

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  1. some day I need to come by and see how you do all your glazing techniques, the vase I glazed recently seemed like it had wax dripped in portions I didn't want it to and the tenmoku didn't adhere. I've always added underglaze on greenware and have yet to try it on bisqued pieces. I sat in the sun on the porch today and fell asleep. ha.

  2. Wasn't glazing on a Sunday afternoon a Mamas and Papas song?

  3. I can relate to this post :) I made some little houses that people just loved but the decorating was so time consuming I stopped advertising them because I could not fix a price to them that allowed for my time. So I gave them to my grandchildren instead.
    I look forward to seeing the photos of your fired work :)


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