Tuesday, April 1, 2014

칼국수 (kalguksu)

Sunday night Jeff and I decided to make our own ramen noodle soup. I was definitely inspired by Tracey Broome's blog posts about her forays into making noodles for Tibetan Thukpa soup. Check her post out here. Jeff found his noodle apron for me to wear while cooking and then of course he had to open a bottle of sake to complete the experience.

The noodles could have been cut a little thinner, although I liked them on the thick side. Jeff said less sake while noodle cutting = thinner noodles.

The soup was a simple homemade pork and beef broth with bok choy, onions, shredded carrot, bean sprouts, and lots of gochujang (hot red pepper paste). Delicious!


  1. Oh yeah! Hmmm, I think I need a Tibetan apron for thukpa making, love yours. I'll have to try some skinny noodles now:-)

  2. Tracey, you will appreciate this... Jeff also said that my noodles were thicker because it is so awkward to cut left handed!

  3. That does look delicious, I too, am being inspired by you and Tracey.


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