Friday, April 4, 2014

Feeling Smarter?

Maybe not, but I did say good bye to my dumb phone this week. 

Hello  Moto X smartphone!

Our Verizon wireless contract was up in March and I had been exploring cell phone options for more than a year. The one that really caught my attention was Republic Wireless. They keep monthly prices low by  not offering a gazillion phones with "special deals", and by using voice over internet whenever you are in a wifi hotspot. There is also no contract. The deciding factor for making the switch was the recommendation from a potter friend of Jeff's, who has been with this company since it's inception. When they were in Korea together last year, he was able to make calls home while connected to the hotel's wifi.
After one day of using this phone on our home wireless and out and about using the Sprint network (I was a little worried about cellular service via their network), I was feeling good about my decision. So good that Jeff went ahead and ordered a phone for himself.

You can check out the Republic's pricing here.
A plus for me is that the company was started in North Carolina!

We opted to go with the $25 plan for one phone, and the the $10 plan for the other. If we feel we need cellular data on both phones we will bump the other phone up to $25. Our Verizon plan for  two dumb phones was costing us $80 a month! Of course this year we have to factor in that we bought two phones making this year a wash in spending... but we are getting much more for our money.

This phone plan isn't for everyone. If you have to have the latest iPhone or android you won't find it with this company. Since I had the same LG phone for 4+ years, it will be just fine for me! If anyone else has experience with this company, I would love for you to comment.


  1. I've been watching this company for a long time, even was on the Beta list a few years ago. I'm really interested in your experiance.

  2. I joined the smart pone revolution this week too, I inherited Gerry's old iphone. We are spending $130 with verizon for data and cell , we may have to do some checking. We just switched to magic jack, which is great and dumped our cable. Saving even a little makes a lot of difference when you have a kid in college!

  3. Lori, I got on the beta list for updates as well. When they first rolled out they had a pretty crappy phone. They tweaked quite a few things, upgraded the phone and their reviews are much better now.

    Tracey - yes, saving any little bit helps! I resisted the smartphone thing for a long time. After being in NH for two weeks, without my computer, I realized that it would have been helpful to have.

  4. when we left Florida I got a straight talk smart phone which is pay as you go but I think your plan would be much less than this one which is unlimited calling and net but I think it's $45 a month. I've gotten used to being able to see who is calling and to save contacts on it. I like a plan which doesn't require a contract.

    We have flip phone which is pay as you go and we save it for emergencies or when the other phone doesn't have reception, the minutes just stay on the phone till we use them but it's ten cents a minute, we had it since California so we might as well keep it till it runs out of minutes.


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