Sunday, May 25, 2014

Easing back into reality.

I thought I should post a pottery photo as a reminder that I am a potter and I really have been getting a little work done. These are collaborative mugs that Jeff and I make. He throws the bodies, I carve the ginkgo leaves and put the handles on. We spent yesterday glazing and loading the kiln. Jeff got up early this morning, lit one burner, then went back to bed. I got up a little later and turned it up. We actually might be done firing by 9:00 pm!

Tuesday was Danielle's last full day here in Seagrove. On our way to the market in Asheboro, we took a short detour and visited Pisgah Covered Bridge.

After the market Danielle requested "Cook Out" for lunch. She had been intrigued by the "40 Shake Flavors" on their sign and said she couldn't go home without trying one.

The food really wasn't bad, but I can tell you we needed to go for a long walk after eating!


  1. Dang Michele, we walk in each other's shoes! I used to play in that bridge as a kid. A couple of years ago Meredith took me back to see it, and then I took Wesley.
    Cookout in Asheboro is my favorite, Wes and I can't pass a Cookout without stopping for a banana shake, they are sooooo good! And onion rings! Fat at its finest, haha.

  2. go gently into the daily tasks and savor the loved ones and the surroundings, what a great post

  3. we love the bridge and once in a blue moon you can get me to cook out...

  4. The mugs look beautiful, I'm excited to see what they will look like when they come out of the kiln.

  5. Those mugs are the bomb! Can't wait to see them fired!
    Temps are finally creeping up here and now waiting to fire for a cool day..... never thought it would happen!

    Can you use the term "bomb" with the cook out? :)

  6. Love the bridge and the mugs. Exquisite carving! There's something wonderful about old bridge and old barns that I find so very appealing.


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