Saturday, May 24, 2014

Childress Vineyards

As I am looking through the photos that I took during the short time Danielle was here, I can't believe how much we squeezed in. Last Sunday we didn't have any plans and at the last minute decided to take a drive to Lexington, NC and tour Childress Vineyards.

The weather was perfect, and the vineyard is beautiful.

We took the tour, then did a tasting at the bar...

after that it was time for lunch on the lawn, accompanied by piano music. Most weekends they have live music in the afternoon.

 We were back home by 6:00 pm, just in time to enjoy a Cilantro Rita martini on the porch.

Danielle and I really needed this time together after the long winter and the pain of losing my mother, her memere.


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