Friday, May 23, 2014

Girl's Road Trip Part Two

I will warn you right now. This post is like visiting a friend and they have to show you their latest vacation photos. The good thing is... if you are bored to tears you can click away and visit someone else's blog who might be posting some cool thing about clay!

Somehow my GPS didn't take us on the route that Jeff recommended. We ended up near South of the Border. When we saw the billboards, Danielle mentioned she had recently told her aunt that we drove by South of the Border when we visited my parents in Florida. She said that she always wanted to stop but we never did. In our defense, it was alway in the wee hours of the morning when we were there. This time we had no excuse. At least the girl can now say she has been to South of the Border.

When Brookgreen Garden closed at 5:00, we went across the street to Huntington Beach State Park. Atalaya Castle, the winter home of sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington and her husband, is located near the beach. It was closed but we were able to walk the perimeter and peek inside the gates.

Even though it was a cool day, the ocean water was so warm, unlike the temps of the ocean in New Hampshire and Maine.

We left Huntington Beach and wandered up the coast to Myrtle Beach. It was fun see all the giant t-shirt shops, amusement parks, and large hotels. We ended the day with dinner at The Sea Captains House. We enjoyed the view and the food was delicious.

We were back in Seagrove at midnight. Exhausted, but smiling from ear to ear.


  1. Too bad you couldn't walk around inside Atalaya, it is really amazing to think that it was an actual home long ago. I had my bridal shower at Sea Captains house about thirty years ago, one of the last remaining true old Myrtle Beach landmarks.
    South of the border is so nasty now. When I was a kid it was a fun stop on our way to High Point once a month. You were certainly passing through my childhood last week!

  2. Tracey, I definitely want to go back and go inside Atalaya. We stumbled on the Sea Captains House quite by accident. We couldn't decide where to stop but we knew we wanted seafood. Danielle had her iPad and she found it on yelp. It was the perfect ending to the day.

  3. Sounds like a great trip! I love Brookegreen Gardens and Huntington Beach Park. Amazing how a day away can be like a little vacation!

  4. Love to hear about road trips, since I take a few, and post and bore folks too. My yen for seafood is high now...thanks! So glad you dabbled in the soapy water too!

  5. You look so pretty! Glad you're having a nice time :)
    Your posts make me want to plan a road trip too. Maybe I can talk my husband into a long weekend trip to Napa Valley for some wine tasting.

  6. I wish I could say it was me that was looking so pretty, that's my daughter Danielle. She rarely goes anywhere without wearing a dress. We joke that she was born in the wrong era.

  7. what a great time you too are having, there is a huntington beach in california, ha, got to get to the beach real soon, keep having fun, I rarely wear a dress any more perhaps your daughter will inspire me.

  8. that building makes you knida want to paint your window frames turquoise, hmm? :)


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