Saturday, June 14, 2014

Super size me

Jeff and I are really getting into making and carving big stuff. We moved from the vase to big bowls. This one is about 21". 

I am used to carving bowls by cradling them on my lap and tilting them on an angle. I had to carve this one on my work table, nestled on foam.

I wonder how many pounds of pasta salad this bowl will hold...

Most of the big pots we are working on are for an exhibition at Campbell House Gallery in Southern Pines this coming September. We have a lot of pots to make between now and then!

I have added this post to Sunday Ceramics. Head on over there to see what's happening this week!


  1. that's going to be a lot of carving between now and then

  2. Love the design ... If you can, please share a pic once it comes out of the glaze fire.

  3. That is a really gorgeous bowl. Fantastic! :)

  4. Beautiful. The rim and center decorations work perfectly. I love it when decoration is still visible when there is food in the bowl or on the plate.

    A trick I learned from Walter Ostrum: When decorating a large bowl cradle it in a bowl padded with towels or foam. I then cradle it on my lap. Sometimes I use a plastic birdbath.

  5. Wow, that's beautiful. You too do create fantastic pots together.

    How's your shoulder holding up to all this carving?

  6. Stunning, stunning, stunning! These are just beautiful! Can't wait to see them fired!! Going to quite a showing at the gallery!
    I love big :)

  7. That is a fabulous size for a serving bowl.


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