Thursday, June 12, 2014

Together We're Better

Jeff threw this large 22" vase over the weekend so that I could carve my ginkgo leaf design onto it.

I am always nervous to start carving into his pots! I have to talk myself into making that first mark. Thankfully I can lightly draw the design in pencil before digging in.

It took me about 5-6 hours to complete. At one point we turned it upside down, resting the rim on a bat, so that I could get to the bottom third without killing my wrist. I had to be careful not to exert too much pressure on the shoulder. Jeff and I are both pretty happy with the end result.

This is one of the many collaborative pots we will be working on this summer for a show in September at Campbell House Gallery in Southern Pines, NC. Stay tuned for some large platters.


  1. It came out beautiful but I totally understand you nervousness working on someone else's pieces. That combined with 5-6 hours of carving, you must be exhausted.

  2. It's absolutely lovely...great shape, elegant carving!

  3. Wow to the vase form and wow to your carving. Awesome team work.

  4. yeOW, can't wait to see some green glaze on there!


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