Friday, June 6, 2014

Working in my sleep...

Last summer Jeff and I made tons of coasters. Enough to last us until now. I spent a portion of Wednesday throwing a few boards of them. When I went to bed that night I was making coasters in my sleep. It made for a  long night! I don't know why that happens sometimes. I make hundreds of pigs and mugs but rarely dream about them. Part of the monotonous dreaming might be blamed on my decision to slip and carve one board of coasters with ginkgo leaves. A portion of the dreams was working that out. I did try a few different patterns to see which I liked the best... sort of sketch books made of clay. I decided I like the two ginkgo leaves, overlapping. The last four ended up with the Danielle flower pattern, blame it on a short attention span.
Leave it to me to take a simple, inexpensive item, and kick it up a notch! Sometimes it's so hard to leave things alone.

Tonight we are heading to Cedar Creek Gallery in Creedmor, NC. Jeff has a teapot in their National Teapot Show IX, and tonight is the opening reception. I am looking forward to getting out of the 'grove and enjoying a little culture. On that note, I will leave you with your piggy of the day...


  1. I can't imagine carving a coupe of hundred coasters. I'll leave that to you.

  2. I tried to send someone over for these yesterday And they were not biting. They want teacups with a
    Saucers....It was a strange and funny conversation that just did not get to where we both wanted it to go anyway, they will be wonderful.

  3. Meredith, sounds familiar. Last week someone came in looking for a pendant. She didn't like what I had so I said she should go see you... she already had. So then I suggested Snowhill, she had been there too. I decided that if none of us had what she was looking for then it probably didn't exist!

  4. Have a good trip to the teapot show; when I first saw the coasters I thought they were hollow rimmed large plates. so often I fall asleep thinking of pottery ideas and awake with others

    We just drove back from florida today and on the side of the road we saw a wild boar that was dead and had been hit by a car and somehow I was thinking of your pigs not morbidly but fondly - have pig will travel.

  5. Have a great opening; will there be pictures?
    And yes, I think we all know about taking a relatively simple item and kicking it out of sight!

  6. They look great, kicking it up a notch seems to be working well for you.

  7. Good to meet and talk with you and Jeff at the show last night. Jeff's pot looked great and there were many nice pots. Hope you had a good time getting out of the "Grove" for a few hours.

  8. I love those gingko leaves....... yes make them more intricate. I can spend hours carving, put it on the shelf, stand back and love the entire process then I look at the clock and think ...... you just made .20 and hour.

    Ooooo, if I could only dream about pots it would save so much time :)


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