Sunday, July 13, 2014

Cheese is the way to my heart...

add a little wine and I will be yours forever.

I have been slowly getting the  stoneware cheese boards fired. Flat items are such a pain to fit into the kiln. They take up so much space. This one is about 10" in diameter. You can chill it before serving, to help keep the food colder longer - you also can place a brie on the board, place it in the oven and warm it until it starts to get gooey.

The ones I have made thus far are prototypes, so I have some variation in sizes and thickness. The one in this photo has the proportions that I am going to stick with. Both the size and the weight feel good.
It's Sunday, so you will find a link to this post and lots of other good ceramic blog reads over at Sunday Ceramics, hosted by Frogpondsrock. Click HERE!


  1. wow those are nice cheese boards and the presentation is beautiful in the first photo

  2. Oh my gosh, Michele, that is such a beautiful presentation for cheese!!! We love cheese i this house too, wish I had a few spare $$ laying around for a new ceramic cheese round...... guess I need to get that Etsy shop dusted off!

  3. Your cheese boards are so lovely! What thickness are they? I have tried to make them in the past and get a bit of warping but I think it's because I've made them too thin… Love your blog!

  4. Thank you to all!

    Rae, this one is about 1/2" thick. I have another that is 3/4" thick. I originally thought I would prefer the thicker one, but after handling them (and the fact that at 1/2" it didn't warp) I think I will stick with the 1/2".


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