Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The results are in

The kiln was unloaded and I guess you could say it was a mixed bag. Mostly because our big ginkgo leaf collaborative pot needs to be re-fired. The glaze was too thin at the bottom. We are hoping it will have a rebirth the second go around. I will spare you a photo of the sadness.

Then there's the good ole kiln fillers...

 The lowly sponge holders. I have started to add more decoration to them and the ones with deco I have bumped up the price, guess what?

I played around with a few different little creamer shapes. Next go around they will get tweaked some more. Jeff has been teaching me his wide bottom mug shape, the ones that he throws for me and I handle and carve. I have the shape looking pretty close to his now and I think they will translate nicely into creamers.

As always, there were a bunch of piggy bank orders in this firing. I just love this personalized pig.

Who wouldn't love a pig named Murray? I hope the real Murray loves him too.


  1. I'm so sorry about the big vase. I was looking forward to seeing it. So often a refine brings a pot back to life. Crossing my fingers for this one.

  2. That bank is so sweet,and so is the little pitcher. Back luck with the large piece, but hopefully the re-fire will work!

  3. love the little pitcher and the addition of the flower at the bottom edge, sorry about the re-fire needed.

  4. Too bad about the big piece, and I'm crossing fingers/toes/eyes that it will refire into its own beauty, just like these others already are. So beautiful!

  5. I love the little creamer, it is really delightful, all full of life and movement!


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