Saturday, July 26, 2014

Teapots and Dreams

 I don't make many teapots. I am not sure why. Maybe I feel intimidated by them. We really want to have teapots for our Southern Pines show in September so I figured I better get busy. Especially since Jeff is ahead of me in the teapot production.
The stress of getting ready to leave for two weeks is piling up on me. So many logistics; packing for a show, finishing work, arranging for our gallery to be open, cat sitters...

I have had weird nights of dreams, some really good ones and some frustrating ones. This morning I dreamed that I was washing dishes and heard the door open. A little voice said, "Hello, it's me". I knew the voice right away. It was my mother. She came into the kitchen and we hugged, she felt so small and real (she was a tiny woman in life). I told her I was feeling stressed, she held my hand and said she had to go. When I awoke it felt like she had really been there and that she wanted me to know that everything will work out fine in the end.

I just wish she had stayed with me a little longer.


  1. I think your mother really was there, how wonderful

  2. More proof that our loved ones never really leave us!

  3. I too think your Mom's visit was real. I believe we're more open to other realities when all the details of the day have fallen away, in our dreamtime. What sweet comfort that must have been.

  4. What a lovely supportive dream you gave yourself. Bringing your mother to be with you when you needed wise.

  5. I too am visited in dreams by a loved one I have lost. I hope it's as nice a feeling for you as it has been for me.

  6. The definitely sounds like a visitation from your mother - so lovely.


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