Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pigs Can Save Your Life...

... or at least the day.
Jeff and I had time at Lazy Daze to think of all kinds of things that our spectacular pigs can do for you. Cook dinner, clean the house, CPR, mouth to mouth resuscitation, and all the while saving you money. Yeah, we were getting a little punchy by the end of the day. When all was said and done, the pigs saved the show.

There was a good crowd at Lazy Daze. They just weren't spending much money. The people who were selling in the $10 to $15 range, where doing okay. We didn't sell a single mug or wine cooler, both of which are typically popular.

Jeff tweaked our outdoor show booth to include a display for vessel sinks. He did get a few good leads on special orders. At the end of the day, thanks to the pigs, we covered our expenses and made a little money. We are seriously considering going back next year, with a booth of pigs.
Piggy banks, piggy jars, piggy salt and pepper shakers. We will just go hog wild.


  1. Glad those pigs saved the day. Love the one in this post. I hope those sink leads work out. They're beautiful!

  2. I knew where this was going as soon as I saw the title. There's not much I want my name on that I can sell for $10 but sometimes that's the price point. Last show I did OK but I had 7 square sales, 5 checks and less than $100 cash. Tells me people did not come ready to buy anything. When people are just looking for price instead of quality, it's a tough day in the trenches.

  3. I am sure if I had sponge holders I would have sold a bunch of them. My stock was down to a half dozen so I left them at home. I really would like to stop making them altogether.
    A nearby booth that embellished pre-made stuff with aluminum wire and colored glass was doing quite well (low prices), where as the jeweler next door had very slow sales. This is a "juried show" but I use that term loosely. There was definitely more quality work than at Art in the Park in Charlotte.

  4. more and more I see prices sinking to low levels, disheartening to say gthe least, but if you can make something you like, that is so wonderful, like your pigs then hopefully folks will return to buy similar style and glaze pieces.

  5. I have sold a lot of pigs in my time, too.... :)

  6. You know if you go back with nothing but pigs people will ask for mugs and wine chillers.

    Glad the little piggies were there for you.

  7. Oh Lori, wouldn't that be the way it goes!
    When I first started selling pots I did a show where most everything that sold was raku fired. When I did that same show the next year I brought mostly raku. I barely made my booth fee :-(


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