Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11th

 September 11th is my parents  wedding anniversary. Since 2011, it's been pretty hard to forget their special day. This fall we were planning a family gathering to celebrate their 60th. This will be a difficult day for my Dad, since my Mum passed away in May. I wish I could be there for him.

I can't believe that when this picture was taken at Danielle's christening, that they were my age!

and that same year, they celebrated 25 years together...


  1. This must be a difficult day for many..... Such sweet photos of your parents. I have to smile at the painting of the Last Supper in the background. My mom had that same painting, my dad won it at church long ago, Wesley now has it hanging in her dining room at school. Ugh, aging parents..... So hard
    Another big hug

  2. Tracey - so funny you noticed the Last Supper painting! It's a paint by number that my Dad did. Believe it or not it is very well done, he painted one for many of my aunts & uncles as well. This still hangs over his kitchen table in his little apartment.
    He says they don't make good paint by numbers anymore, I am encouraging him to get a sketch pad and to start drawing... it will keep his mind occupied.

  3. Such wonderful photos of your folks .......

    why is it our parents look way older at the same age as we are now....... one of life's mysteries :)

    had a very nice catch up on your blog...... loved seeing all those red dots at you opening :)


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