Saturday, October 4, 2014

cooking for one

Last night I had to head to the big city of Asheboro in search of a couple of 8"x 8" boxes and some fresh mozzarella for a grilled pizza. It was late by the time I got out the door and as I walked past the freezer aisle at the grocery store I thought about how much easier, and quicker, it would be to buy a frozen pizza. After about 2 seconds of thought, I reminded myself about how much better a fresh grilled pizza would taste.
Jeff and I usually grill pizza together. I make the dough and get the toppings together, he does the grilling. Last night I was on my own and managed to time everything just right. I made two small pizzas and will have leftovers for a couple more meals. It's so hard to cook for one. It's too tempting to reach for something easy. I am so glad that I am on my own for just a couple of weeks. It's no wonder that my Dad's biggest struggle since losing my Mum is cooking for himself.

Everything is easier with two.


  1. I've never tried grilling a pizza but I have been making those gluten free pizzas which makes two crusts and keep one in the frig for several days later.

    If you like eggplant you could grill it with cheese and tomato on top. I also like to make a Caesar salad just for myself or I make a big pot of rice and beans and have it for several days so I don't have to cook.

  2. Hope Jeff is having a good time.Frozen v/s fresh pizza is like a pop tart v/s homemade pie.

  3. much like eating on paper plates, arch! Managed to put up tomatoes yesterday, when it was done it was sooooo good thinking about stews and soups this winter. Pizza looks sooooo good!

  4. Now you have leftovers that taste much, much better than that frozen pizza would have tasted.
    Cooking for 1 is hard, I hope your dad can share meals with friends on occasion.


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