Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jeff goes to South Korea

 Once again I am living vicariously through Jeff as he travels to Mungyeong, S. Korea for the Chasabal Festival. The festival typically happens in spring but this year was moved to October due to the tragic ferry accident that happened in April of this year. Mungyeong is located in the mountains of S. Korea and Jeff says the foliage is beautiful.

He told me he would take a photo of the ginkgo tree lined street and here it is! When he has been there in the spring, the trees have not leafed out yet. Jeff says these are the largest ginkgo trees he has every seen.

I believe this photo is a meal at professor Yoo's studio, where they did a raku firing.
Photo credit: Julie Harbers, one of the other artists at the festival

The highlight of the trip is the Korean kick wheel competition. Jeff snapped this photo of his wheel, already to go, with a ginkgo leaf placed in the center...Do you think he was thinking of me?

 The contestants have an hour to throw a 20 pound moon jar and (I think) 6 tea bowls, to certain dimensions and specifications. Everyone's pots are measured by the judges.

Jeff one won an award again this year! 

I have stayed busy here at the pottery, holding down the fort. I finished enough piggy banks and mugs to fire the bisque kiln yesterday, and on the weekend I taught a pottery class for a bridal party that came to Seagrove for the bachelorette weekend. They were a fun group of young women and I enjoyed having people to talk to for a couple of hours! 


  1. " Jeff Goes to South Korea " sounds so much like the title to a children's book.Glad he is having a good trip.

  2. what a beautiful place, love the narrow table so intimate for dining and tea, too bad you couldn't go with him.

  3. Beautiful pics...thanks for sharing them here. You might want to edit (or not) to say Jeff WON rather than one a prize...tee hee. I do that all the time, especially with automatic spell check

  4. Wow, South Korea is sure pretty this time of the year! But honestly I would have given a South Korean pot of kimchi to see you hosting a bridal party :)
    We should make a list: Things potters do to keep the wheel turning! Hoping you had wine instead of Sunny D!

  5. Dennis- Jeff and i have talked about writing a children's book!

    Linda - someday I would love to have an Asian style dining room/tea room.

    Barb - thanks for picking up on my typo...and I even proof-read it ha ha ha!

    Sandy - I told them they could bring wine but they weren't into that :-(

  6. I have used one of those wooden wheels, NOT EASY! Wow, Jeffy, NICE job :)

  7. Thanks for helping us live vicariously through Jeff also.
    The street is beautiful, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that many old ginkgo trees.

  8. What a beautiful place Korea is! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to visit yours regularly.


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