Thursday, October 30, 2014


We fired the kiln on Monday and needed it to be cooled and unloaded by 4:00 on Wednesday. Jeff and I both had mugs for the Randolph Arts Guild, Mugapalooza Exhibit. We don't really like to hurry the cooling but it all worked out and our mugs were delivered on time. The exhibition opens on November 4, 2014 at the Sara Smith Self Gallery, 123 Sunset Ave, Asheboro NC. It looks like there will be 20 something artists with 10 mugs each so the selection should be very interesting.

We had an order for one of Jeff's sugar jars, decorated and glazed like my water color mugs. Potters can't make just one of something, so there will be a few more in the gallery and to take to the next show.

The first batch of ornaments is out of the kiln. I like how the gingerbread men look without glaze. They seem a little more "cookie-like". I will add blue and red ribbons for hanging, and then we shall see how long they hang around! There are a few more to slip trail today. This second round has some new shapes to play with. A good customer gifted me with a nice assortment of cookie cutters.

I couldn't resist making the frowny face guy. I just might have to keep him!


  1. the guy with the frown ate too many gingerbread cookies

  2. You know you’re going to have to tell someone they are not edible no matter how delicious they look.

  3. I love the water color pieces. And the frowny guy, well... life has both it's smiley and frowny moments, doesn't it?

  4. So fun to see what you're up too! Good luck with the mug show! Those toasty gingerbread ornament are too cute! I would be staging the gingerbreadmen wrangling the piggy banks! Oh man, just too many hours in the studio these days :)


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