Monday, October 27, 2014

Another year goes by...

My sister Anita and I share a birthday and today is the day! We are not twins, she is four years older than me, and we have a brother born in between us. We have always celebrated together even since I moved to North Carolina. Last year was extra special. Somehow we managed to get a good bunch of the family together for dinner at Anita's home. Jeff took this photo of us gathered around my parents. It's the last birthday that I was able to celebrate with my mother.

Mum with her great-grandaughter

 Danielle and Arianna getting ready to set the cake on fire

This year I am home in North Carolina for my birthday. There was too much going on this fall to be able to head north. Jeff and I will have our own little dinner party together. I am even going to buy myself a cake. Anita and I will exchange birthday wishes via telephone. I am sure there will be call from Danielle, even though we talked last night. It won't be the same, but it will still be good.


  1. amazing you two have the same birthday, what fun, happy birthday to you and your sister.

  2. Happy photos! Your birthdays seem to be happy ones.

  3. Lovely memories. So nice that you had time with your mother too!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. May the next year bring you all your wishes! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy birthday, Michele, we had a quiet celebration yesterday for Gerry's birthday, I had forgotten your birthdays were close together

  6. I hope you had a very, very happy birthday.

    My brother and I share a birthday, also four years apart, I think you and I have been living similar lives for longer than we know.

  7. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
    Last night I talked with my sister Anita, we both agreed the day wasn't the same without being together and not having Mum to talk to.

    Lori, I think you mentioned before that you and your brother have the same birthday. I think you are right about our lives being in sync.

  8. Belated Happy Birthday! Love love love family pictures! Easy days in the next year :)


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