Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Run, run, as fast you can...

You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!

A couple of weeks ago Linda Starr wrote a blog post about making holiday ornaments. I left a comment saying that I had made some in the past but they never sold. I had given most of them away as gifts. 
When I was packing for the the last show I came across a bag with the leftover ornaments. I decided to bring them with me and guess what... I sold quite a few. So of course I came home and made more. The last bunch I glazed half of them and left the other half unglazed. I like the look of the unglazed better. The best part is that no glaze means one less step in the process! Tiny things are great because you can tuck them in around other stuff when firing, but they are a pain in the a$$ to clean up before the going into the bisque kiln. I will be taking these to the Celebration of Seagrove Potters show next month. 

Jeff and I had a visit from Crawford Horne, yesterday. He is the wood fire potter that curated the W. Virginia show that Jeff was invite to this past summer. Crawford had been to Scotland awhile back and visited a potter there name John Christie. He told us about a video on Christie's blog that we might enjoy. It's beautifully done. It's about 12 minutes long, and I think you will find it's time well spent.


  1. I have had a similar experience with ornaments, I had some for 3 years before they started selling. Maybe they just get better with age.

  2. I sell those ornaments even in summer (hearts and triangles and other generic ones) so I keep making them, of course I sell them for a song but then again I think it may help folks appreciate hand made items and they may come back for more expensive pottery at a later time. I add a little piece of ribbon so folks can hand then right away when they get home.

    I like the idea of making them without glaze, I have some red clay and some speckled clay so I may make some without glaze. Your gingerbread ornaments look so smooth, especially on the edges.

    I also think the ornaments could be attached with a ribbon to a large xmas gift or hung around a bottle of wine when attending a party or strung on a string as a decoration for a pottery booth.

    Today I was thinking of making a twig xmas tree to display the ornaments on in my booth for the xmas fair, not sure I'll get to it but I think it's a good idea.

  3. Lori, you might be right about them getting better with age!

    Linda - these will get ribbons attached too. To get smooth edges I lay saran wrap over the clay, then cut with the cookie cutter. It makes clean up a little quicker. Only the back side has a sharper edge.

  4. Oh I've got to try the saran wrap trick, thanks,

    that film was beautiful, love the shot of the apples in the baker and their blackberry leaves are different than ours.

  5. I have done ornaments with slip trailing over Earthen Red, unglazed Bisque fired. They looked kind of Gingerbreadish but were a pain and didn't sell that well. My heart just isn't into making trinkets.

  6. Those are cuties! Last year I made snowflakes for my best customers. It was a lot of work cleaning up the edges. Wish I would have know about the saran wrap.

  7. Glad I could share a tip about the saran wrap... at least my ornament making will help other's out, even if they don't sell. If they don't sell, at least I have gift tags and wine bottle ornaments for future gift giving.
    I enjoy the slip trailing and it's good practice.

  8. I make little shapes like that and glue magnets on back. Sometimes they sell (4 bucks!) but often I am able to give them as a gift to a big spender---they think it is so awesome to get a gift and I am like no big deal :)

  9. Finally took the time to watch the video of John Christy, enjoyed it immensely! Beautiful pots and film! Thanks for posting my inspiration for the day!
    Someday, Scotland!
    I watch so many well made videos of Britsh potters, many thanks to Goldmark. We need a few more of potter state side :)


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