Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Old and The New

I seem to always be on a quest to come up with new ideas for piggy banks. I decided to glaze a couple of them like my water color mugs. Not only am I looking for new colors that will appeal to buyers but also trying to keep myself from becoming bored with the little guys.

I like the new blue and white, but will always have a soft spot for plain old shino, dusted with wood ash.
I will be adding more "ready to ship" piggy banks to my Etsy shop, and there is still time for special orders for Christmas delivery.


  1. Love them all but my little shino buddy is still my favorite.

  2. I ditto Dennis' comment. I love the paleness and speckles of the second one. what about a real squiggly tail and some spotted ones. have you a done ginkgo leafed one? I can't remember

    Toes crossed that you get a bit of down time to celebrate, Keep on dancing round the sun!
    Great minds, Linda! I was going to suggest a ginko pig. You would probably have to charge a bit more given the time it takes to do the carving!

  4. Suzi- thank you for the birthday wishes!

    Linda and Suzi - I have made a ginkgo pig! He was carved all over with ginkgo leaves, then ash glazed. As a matter of fact I sold it this month for $60.
    I do spotted ones too.

  5. Love, love, love shino.
    Have a really happy birthday.

  6. yeah for the sale of the ginkgo pig


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