Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Homecoming

This post has nothing to do with football, dances, or parades. It's about Jeff being home from S. Korea! I am so glad to have him back. Don't get me wrong, I love me some alone time but 10 days is plenty. His flight arrived in Greensboro at 11:20 pm on Thursday and we were home by 12:30, plenty of time to go to bed and have a respectable nights sleep. But no, not us! We spilled the contents of his baggage on the living room floor and acted like it was Christmas morning.

He never has a lot of extra room in his bags so everything he brings back is small. Aside from lots of wonderful little tea bowls, there were paint brushes and mishima stamps from Insadong. I had asked for a Buddha and Jeff bought me a tiny little bronze one. 

 He said he couldn't resist bringing me the lounging pig. On the right is a three-legged money frog. He is supposed to bring us wealth. I hope it works! The seven spots on his back represent the big dipper. The coin in his mouth spins. In China, many people keep a money frog on their tea tray.

This little charm gave me a good laugh...
It's a Buddhist fertility Amulet. I love all things monkey and I have never owned anything like this. If you google it for some history be warned... lots of porn sites come up in the search! I think I am going to string it on a leather cord with some raku beads and try to be brave enough to wear it!

After about 3 hours of sleep we awoke Friday morning and started to pack for the CCM Pottery Festival in Charlotte. We got around 5 hours of sleep Friday night and were on the road a little after 6am. Totally worth the effort (thankfully). The show was great, sales were up from last year, and the weather was beautiful until 4pm when the show closed. We packed in the rain and our clothes were soaked but we didn't care, we had money in our pockets.

Today we will take it slow. Jeff is catching up on sleep and this afternoon we will mix a new batch of shino and do some glazing. We have a kiln load of pigs and sinks to fire this week.


  1. I'm with you... love some alone time. But, I can see how you'd be happy to have Jeff back after 10 days. And all the fun little treasures... the monkey! Glad you had a good show in Charlotte.

  2. wonderful news and gifts and i yhought i was busy

  3. Ha! What a great and wonderful post! Welcome back Jeff! Yes, do wear the amulet.....
    Wow! Home show, presents and sleep! Enjoy!

  4. Wealth and money are not always the same thing. It sounds like you’re pretty wealthy already.


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