Sunday, November 16, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside...

especially for North Carolina. Friday night was down into the twenties and we were OUT of firewood. We have a gas heater in the living room, electric heat in the bathroom, and typically that would be fine. When it gets down to the twenties, those heat sources alone just don't cut it! Our bedroom was rather chilly overnight. Jeff ordered wood a couple of weeks ago and we were still waiting on the delivery. Can I even begin to tell you how happy I was yesterday, to see the dump truck arrive with a load of wood?

We wasted no time building a fire in both the house and the gallery. I even simmered our chicken chili on the wood stove. While attempting to keep warm, we unloaded the gas kiln. It's hard to believe that when we loaded it it was 70 degrees outside.

 I really like the shino with splashy glaze on this cheese stone. 
I am sure I will be doing more in this glaze combination. I keep going back and forth between calling these cheese boards and cheese stones. When I think of boards I think wood, so I am leaning towards "stone". I would be happy for input from readers on what to call them.

 There were four oval bakers in the "nuka" white glaze. I had one that cracked at the interior seam. 

I won't bore you with the piggy bank photos and I will save the fishy banks for another day. Have an awesome Sunday and stay warm.


  1. love the splashes of color, it's warmer today than it has been here but next week is supposed to be really cold.

  2. when I think of boards I think of an oblong shape and a stone in a round shape.

    if you can see your way clear at the end of winter get a load of wood for next year and let it season all summer long, if it's drier you get better btu's

  3. Linda, we usually start the year with the wood left from the previous heating season. Last year, with the record cold weather we went through a huge amount of wood and our supplier didn't have any more seasoned wood to deliver to us. The last winter, at the end of the heating season, we relied solely on the gas heat. Luckily it wasn't extremely cold by then.

    Interesting to hear your thought on shape being the determining factor in the name. Can't wait hear what others think.

  4. I love what you are doing with the glazes on the cheese stones.
    I used to make cheese stones or servers with glass bell covers. I always called them plates or stones because people invariably thought board meant wood.
    The weather is definitely nuts. It has been down in the low twenties for the last few nights. Supposed to be in the fifties and 40's at night. Stay warm!

  5. Ithaca is due for low of 12 overnight and 23 a high for Tuesday, and right now we have 2-3 inches new snow, FUKK!

  6. Hi, I found your blog googling pottery mark and JZ. I recently purchased a sweet little pink pitcher with this marking at a second hand shop in RI. It has a wonderfully expressive curve to the opening which drew me to it. After poking through a bit of your blog I was sad to read of your loss. I just wanted to let you know that his art is still making people happy.

  7. EC - thank you for posting, I love to hear about John's pots out there in the big, wide, world!
    I don't remember a pink glaze, but it could have been from a long time ago. I would love to see a photo of it if you could easily take one. You could e-mail it to me at mhastings327 at if it's not too much trouble.

  8. I came back to read what others thought of the cheese stones and boards and was delighted to read about the EC finding the pink pitcher. if you get the photo I hope you'll post it.


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