Monday, December 29, 2014

Potters in the Making

 Jeff's great-nieces along with their friend Dylan, came for a pottery lesson on Sunday. Kyra, on the left, has some hand building experience and had a short pottery lesson here on Thanksgiving day.

This was Annaliese's first wheel experience. She caught on very quickly and made a decent little bowl on the first try. I think kids do better than adults because they have less fear of messing up.

Kyra really got the centering down this time. Her cylinders were taller than last month and when we sliced one of her pots in half, she had a nice, consistent wall thickness. Perhaps there is going to be another potter in the family!

Dylan was quite successful right from the get go. But in the end he squished all his pots, deeming them not up to par for firing. The girls, on the other hand, each picked one of theirs to be fired.

If you are planning to be in the area you can schedule a pottery lesson. Jeff will help you make a pot that can be glazed and fired, even if you have no experience. If you have wheel experience, he will tailor your lesson to help you get over a hurdle and on to the next level.  For more information and to schedule a lesson click HERE.


  1. have yet to use my wheel, perhaps the new year, have yet to give pottery lessons here, am greedy with my studio and time, maybe next year, I admire you both for all you do

  2. Super...glad to see a next generation of potters!

  3. Wow, they DID have a lot of first-time success!


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