Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking forward to the New Year

I love that the camellia blooms this time of year in North Carolina. I have been here for four years and I still think they are a wonderful, winter surprise.

The year has come to close, which give us the opportunity to reflect upon it. 2014 was a complex year for me.  The first half I was faced with my parents car accident and then my mother's passing. Next Jeff's trip to South Korea was postponed, leaving us with a very expensive plane ticket, that wouldn't get reimbursed until the trip was rescheduled. Somehow despite these obstacles, and a few more, we managed to increase our sales and financially had a pretty good year. We are probably still poor by many people's standards, but we are happy and enjoy our lifestyle.

I am feeling very positive about 2015. So positive that Jeff and I have been looking at a house to purchase. Now we have to hope that the bank will feel the same way. Please send good energy our way. We are already arranging our furniture in the new house!

My wish is that you all ring in the New Year in the manner that makes you happiest, and that 2015 brings you health, happiness, and a little extra cash wouldn't be so bad either.
Happy New Year.


  1. beautiful camilla, extra cash would be a god send, enough would be good too, hopefully the next year will be better than the last. happy new year to you and Jeff.

  2. Happy New Year, Michele, hope that house becomes a reality!

  3. A new house is exciting, Michele! I hope it all works out the way you hope. Happy New Year!

  4. The winter flower is lovely. I hope 2015 brings you and Jeff good health, happiness and lots of pottery sells.
    Happy New Year!

  5. flowers in January, holy SH!T :) happy new year to you guys!

  6. May your wishes come true, or better!


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