Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Turn Down The Volume

Yesterday was the final trip to the post office before the holiday, to ship a few last minute Etsy sales. Jeff and I like to give a little gift of pottery to our very nice mail clerk and our rural route driver. They both go above and beyond their USPS job description. We are extra appreciative because when we lived in NH our local postal office left much to be desired. It was so bad that I tried to avoid going there. Instead I went to the next little town, with a post office in a general store, where the post master was very pleasant and helpful.

When I returned from my errands, Jeff had a rather amusing story to tell me. We live across the street from a church, I think almost everyone in the south lives across the street from a church. Yesterday there was a funeral at said church. Two big guys came over from the funeral and into the shop. They stood in the door and told Jeff they came over because they heard music when they were at the church and thought it was coming from the pottery. Jeff said, "No music playing here." One of them said, "Can't you hear that?". To which Jeff replied, "Oh, yeah... sounds like music playing on a phone." The man reached in his pocket for his cell phone and found that an app had turned on and was playing electronic sounding music! They seemed a little embarrassed, asked a couple of questions about the log cabin, and made a hasty retreat.
The lesson of the day is, before heading over to your neighbor's and asking them to turn down their music... check your smart phone.

Wishing you and your's a very merry Christmas.


  1. Oh Bubba, what a bonehead....merry Christmas you guys :)

  2. they should have bought something since Jeff located the music for them. ha

    I just had a huge comment about folks talking on the phone wherever they go, (but it was lost since I wasn't signed on) People Please turn off your phone before going to church or any public place I am sick of folks talking to people in other locations and ignoring those around them, doesn't anyone talk face to face any more.

    merry christmas to you and Jeff

  3. If I were Jeff, I would have pulled out a harp and started playing as soon as they left just to watch them grab their phones again.

  4. That 's funny! I'm sure he felt like a dork.
    Merry Christmas to you both :)

  5. Do you just ship to the US? I'm getting going again, not sure whether to limit it to UK or keep the shipping options open....

    Love seeing pics of your place...even if it does give me workshop envy!!! xx

  6. Happy Christmas and New Year to you and Jeff. I really enjoyed the musical phone story. I must admit to getting grumpy when people text away whilst having a conversation with me.... I would like to carry a bucket of water around with me and drop the phones into it! (I must be showing my age!!).


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