Thursday, February 26, 2015

Another snow day...

This is the scene we woke up to this morning! I shot this photo looking out from the kiln shed into the backyard. The heavy wet snow has completely transformed the shape of the cedar tree. Throughout the night we could hear the snow slide off the metal roof of the house, and land onto the porch roof with a loud thud. It's hard to tell just how much snow fell. It looks like just a few inches. At one point during the night it sounded like it was raining. The temperature is hovering around 32 degrees. Next week it is supposed to climb back up into the 50's. I am definitely ready for warmer weather.

While the weather may stop people from driving out to Seagrove for pottery, the Etsy shop is always open. Isn't it great that you can shop for a new mug, wearing your pajamas, and curled up on the sofa?


  1. What a perfect Christmas tree covered with snow!

  2. We got seven and half inches and same temp, won't be melting very quickly this time I think.

  3. 7"! You need to go out and build a snowman :-)

  4. I hope you don’t need to rake the snow off your roof, that does not look like a fun job.

    1. Jeff and I went out to see how much was up there, we were concerned with the weight. It wasn't as bad as it sounded inside. It's melting quite quickly, so I am hoping no roof raking will be necessary.


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