Friday, February 20, 2015

The Year of the Goat

 Happy New Year... a day late! Yesterday was Korean and also Chinese New Year. Jeff made traditional Korean Tteokguk soup, typically served on New Years day. It's a simple but spicy beef soup with rice cake.

While the broth simmers, the sliced rice cakes are soaked in cold water. The rice cakes are so yummy. They are like a very dense noodle. They do contain wheat flour, so they aren't gluten free. When the soup is finished, the rice cakes are simmered for a few minutes in the broth.

We always have sliced cabbage kimchi on the side. I like to put mine right into the soup.

Perfectly yummy on a cold February night!

 Later in the day today, the studio finally warmed up enough to work in. I finished putting handles on small squared off bowls and gave each a few flower stamps. These were also made by altering with a board, which means there are no seams to crack. They are smaller bowls, a good size for salsa, dip, soup, or cereal. I had fun making them and  I am happy with the way they came out. I think tomorrow I will make a few more. 

Have a great night and stay warm!


  1. It all looks delicious, glad you mentioned the rice cakes aren't gluten free, it's rather tiresome reading all the labels, do you make your kimchi, I have never tried it at home. Those square bowls are nice; soup is good; we are getting more snow.

    1. We have been buying kimchee from the Asian market in Greensboro. Jeff keeps saying that when things settle down he is going to make some... things just never seem to settle down! He has recipe from a friend in Korea that he wants to try. He said theirs was very good.

  2. squared bowls are a good idea....not easy to get a perfect stacking shape, but fits well on a shelf, and more efficient use of space than round!!

  3. Yum yum, as always.....! :) Interesting seeing the squared off bowls, they are lovely. I'm thinking about squared off butter dishes at the moment, and need to try a few to figure out the best way of doing a squared off dome for the top of the dish...


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