Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2015 Firing of Hamada's Kiln

Last month Jeff packed up a few pots and shipped them off to Mashiko Japan. He was invited by Doug Black to have these pots fired in Shoji Hamada's noborigama kiln. The kiln was heavily damaged in the  2011 earthquake and was recently restored. The kiln had also not been fired in 40 years. It was quite a celebration and Jeff was really honored to be able to participate. He is hoping to be able to pick up his pots on his next trip to South Korea.

These are the finished pots, along with Jeff's "bitmoji" head, rising from the sake bottle. At least smartphones are good for a little fun!


  1. Great pots! I was suprised at the bitmoji head. will have to look it up.

  2. how wonderful to have Jeff's pots fired in an historic kiln

  3. What an honor for Jeff to be included in this firing.

  4. NICE work, and what an honor ot be included!


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