Wednesday, May 6, 2015


 I was heading out to the studio yesterday when I noticed something hanging off of the porch roof, swaying in the wind...

I got a little closer and realized it was a snake skin. A really long snake skin! I know it's just a skin, but it still creeped me out. Mostly because it means there is a rather long (close to three feet) snake around here. I am hoping that it's just a harmless black snake. The skin is hanging next to the electric kiln. Today I will get brave and knock it down with a broom. I wimped out yesterday, but I can't handle another day of seeing it hanging there. 

I will leave you with a happy photo, so that you can wipe the creepy snake skin from your brain.

Jeff had a great time playing sax at the festival in Mungyeong. He was invited to join some of the other musicians on stage. He hadn't played in a long time, but said that it all came back to him.


  1. I'm with you, and am theoretically happy there are snakes in the world, but never want to be near one again.

  2. HOLY CRAP I could never live in the south, eeeek indeed!

  3. It's generally the snakes that you don't see that you have to worry about. We were taught it was the ones with the long tails that were dangerous.

  4. I find shed snake skins extremely creepy because their shed skins are such exact replicas of them. Sort of like a ghost in the works!
    Jeff looks like he is having a great time! When does he return?

  5. ok I think it's kind of cool, but then all of nature intrigues me, ane arrowhead shaped head are the ones you have to worry about the rest are harmless, probably a king snake which looks like a rattlesnake except for the head and they are good to have because eat rattlesnakes

    1. We have had copperheads here in the past and a king snake as well... they eat copperheads too! My fear of snakes are the poisonous ones, and not seeing them and stepping on them by mistake. There are often harmless black snakes around here too. I am thinking that because of it's long length, it's a black snake.

  6. I walked out the studio door yesterday and nearly stepped on a three foot long corn snake. *I* nearly jumped out of my skin. He lives somewhere in the retaining wall. Needless to say, I didn't leave the studio door open for fresh air............


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