Friday, May 8, 2015

CCM Spring Pottery Festival

I am heading to Charlotte, NC tomorrow for the Carolina Clay Matters, Spring Pottery Festival. Last year Jeff did the show alone because I was in NH for my Mom's funeral. This year I will go it alone because he is in Mungyeong, S. Korea. I opted to simplify the booth to make set up and break down easier. I am leaving the Abstracta display system at home because it's such a pain to put together. I am sure someone will give me a hand with the EZ-UP tent that really isn't so easy!

CCM Spring Pottery Festival
Saturday May 9, 2015
McAlpine Business Park
8300 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC

I will be set up on the "Silo" side of the barn, booth #41

Our Seagrove gallery will be open on Saturday, thanks to my good friend Bonnie!


  1. I have been afflicted with the " bring everything you own" syndrome for a long time. I am at least not putting it all out at once.Reorganizing and partitioning my mug and cereal bowl boxes really helped last week. Have a great sale. Remember if you sell it you don't have to pack it !

  2. Jeff has the same affliction! I am not bringing nearly as much work since I am schlepping it on my own. I think I chose my pots carefully... I guess I will know by tomorrow night how well it worked!

  3. Here's hoping your weekend sales emptied your shelves! Happy Mother's Day!


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