Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The last leg of the trip

 Jeff is on his way home! Last night he messaged me with these photo from Shibuya Station. He was in Tokyo, waiting for his train to the airport. He says Shibuya is Times Square x 10.

The Hachiko monument is located in Shibuya Station. If you don't know the story of Hachiko, I recommend the American made movie, Hachi: A Dogs Tale. It's a very sweet film, based on the true story about a dog and his master.

Jeff requested spaghetti with italian sausage and tomato sauce for his first meal at home. I guess he has grown weary of kimchi, rice, and fish!


  1. feed him a good meal and put a paint brush in his hand haha!

  2. The tourist is a phenomenon now world-wide, getting that pic with the well known monument. All Marco Polo's fault.

  3. I would never tire of that food from there but then again you never know.I think a lot of the asian meals leave us a bit hungry as they don't seem like they stick to the ribs like pasta does. never heard of the film but sounds like a good one.

  4. I’ll be he’s got a camera full of interesting pictures like these. Very cool.


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