Tuesday, May 12, 2015

While waiting for paint to dry...

I really love a freshly painted room, but I am not in love with the process of getting there. Especially when it starts with taking down wallpaper. There are so many steps that need a day to dry before you can move on. I have taken that "in between time" to clean carpets, line shelves (I have spent a small fortune on shelf liner!), and wash ceiling light fixtures. There were a few lights that we decided right away had to go. One was the "wagon wheel light" in the den. I may have already mentioned that one. Also on the list was the light in the hallway. Financially, everything can't be replaced at once. Which means they at least need to be clean. After getting up close and personal with some of these fixtures, I have decided that a couple of them are rather sweet and very retro.

This is the guest bedroom, ceiling light...

I like how it has the little holes to let out little dots of light, and it's light pink with gold flecks!

This is the hall light that I was sure was going...

It was hard to get a photo with my phone, but it compliments the bedroom light. The dot holes are actually much smaller. The glass matches the bedroom light and the can is similar, not dark like the photo. It's not a very big fixture for such a long hall, and the hall seemed dark. When I took down the light I realized that there was only one bulb in it. With two bulbs, the space is much brighter.

The painting in the main bath is complete, except for the trim and vanity. I need some advice from Jeff on that, so I am waiting for him to return home. I am hoping a friend will help me rehang the plate glass mirror today. I know I can't tackle that monster alone. The original plan was to replace the giant mirror with a framed mirror, but this is what we found when the mirror came down...

The walls are plaster, and they weren't finished on the lower half. The easiest thing to do is to rehang the monster mirror. At least it is keeping with the 60's look and a large mirror helps make a small bathroom appear bigger.
That's the latest chapter in the new house adventure. Stay tuned for updates, unless you are already bored to tears.


  1. did you show the wagon wheel light? that might be someone else's cup of tea, one of our houses growing up had a wagon wheel with lanterns hanging form it, I loved that light.

    1. Linda, I will have to take a photo of the wagon wheel light!

  2. It’s always tempting, and often necessary to make changes with a new house but somethings are okay to live with for a while. I’m so excited for you.

  3. I love all of those retro fixtures, you sure won't find anything that interesting in stores these days......boring!
    You could always get some old barn wood and frame around the monster glass.....
    Sure glad I'm not having to do all of that painting , but it's coming.... Ugh!

    1. Tracey, after living in this log cabin for 5 years, I can't handle seeing anymore barn wood, lol

  4. Good luck with moving along on your new-house-work...new to you. I'm having a yard sale this weekend, and mainly discarding things I thought I'd play with in my "retirement years." Scrapbooking stuff is a biggie, and some pottery seconds, and just the collections of stuff...but no light fixtures.

  5. Bored, no way! Everybody loves a good rehab :)


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